Wellbeing for Teams

His talk on Wellbeing in Teams will cover such topics as trust, building small scale communities, personal values, curiosity, creativity, self-management, self-care and group support and how important this all is for healthy supportive, close-knit teams to thrive and flourish. When teams work well together, they can concentrate all their energy on getting things done, rather than losing time, effort and energy by bickering. It is about building a better way of working for everyone.

About the Speaker

Andy Whittle
Andy Whittle
Andy is a certified and accredited Life, Executive and Well-being coach and has always been a life-long learner.
He has been training and coaching in Life Skills for individuals and teams for many years.
Well-being is a very hot topic at the moment and going forward and Andy has made it his mission to help as many people as he can gain a more balanced outlook on life.
He has had a varied life and worked in many different domains so his outlook on life is such that he is rarely surprised and he thrives on change and challenges.

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