Stuart Thorp

Stuart Thorp

Presentation: The Climate Crisis needs "Everything, Everywhere, All at Once"

The Climate is under serious threat, we face a Global Climate Crisis.  This is no longer under debate and raises an increasingly concerning message from the global scientific community. Urgent action is needed, but the good news is that if we act quickly and on a massive scale, we can significantly reduce the impact of Climate Change. In many areas, we already know what to do, we just need to "speed it up". The UN tell us that we need "Everything, Everywhere, All at Once". The project management community has the skills to deliver against this seemingly impossible challenge. There will be opportunities for Project, Program and Portfolio Management Gymnastics, but most of all, for us all as committed agents for change.

Learning goals summary

Attendees should learn the following by attending the session:

  • Understand that the Climate Crisis is real and one of the most significant challenges faced by humanity (maybe the biggest challenge we have ever faced?)

  • Recognise that the Project Management community, represented by the PMI, has a special role in tackling the Climate Crisis.

  • Recognise that we have choices, in our individual lifestyles and our chosen professional activities, and by choosing carefully we can make a significant difference as agents for change.


Stuart has a Technology / Engineering background; he developed optoelectronic technology which enabled the modern internet. His career progressed to managing Projects and then Programs for Global corporations across many sectors (including Telecoms, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Financial, Automotive). His interest in the Environment has progressed into recognising the need to take personal action to tackle the Climate Crisis. Since Jan 2023, he has stepped out of full-time corporate activity to focus on mobilising Climate Action on a global scale. He is now actively working with PMI colleagues as part of this global mobilisation.