Spreading delight, energy and fun amongst your co-workers and customers.

We’ve heard it all before:

– “A self-organizing and cross-functional team.”
– “Values embodied and lived by the team.”
– “The pillars of empiricism come to life and build trust for everyone.”

Feels like a walk in the park. Doesn’t it?

There are loads of studies done by (famous…?) social psychologists on the topic of team work, and how teams become great. Honestly, the titles only bore me to death so I never read one.

Yet when I heard about the “Fish! Philosophy” I took the gamble.

And it proved to the right gamble:

– easy to read
– easy to understand
– fun
– engaging
– …

Really, you should check this out… If a team of fish resellers can do it to the level that tour busses stacked with tourists are interested in it… well…

So come on in and let’s have some fun together. In a playful way we’ll learn about the key pillars of this philosophy, and experience them.

You will experience that while playing we’ll make your day. By being there and choosing your attitude you’ll have a fun time, all the while learning what Fish! is.

And this in a remote setting. Cool!

About the Speaker

Steven Deneir
Teams become high-performing when working in a psychological safe environment and when they are truly engaged. I support them to get there.
Acting as a guide, facilitation, coaching, training and mentoring are my main instruments to enable leaders and teams to continuously improve their practices using an empirical processes control cycle of transparency, inspection and adaptation; i.e. the agile way.
My objectives?
Help others grow. Be it as a trainer, a Scrum Master or Agile Coach

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