Relax! 6 steps to overcoming resistance to change in your project

In a changing and uncertain environment in which priorities can be reviewed according to the economic, health and social context, leading change is even more crucial than before.

A large proportion of employees are worried about the future and any IT project can quickly be perceived as a threat to employment, or as an unnecessary investment, especially at middle management level.

Having an agile and adapted change management method is all the more important. This session will present the main phases of effective change management and will give project managers the keys to ensure the continuous goodwill of their teams throughout the process and the project.

About the Speaker

Patrice Wellhoff
Patrice Wellhoff
After having been successively pedagogical director of an IT training company, then project director of a software development company, he created Key Partners, a company specialized in change management, which provides support on numerous projects, particularly in the field of CRM and ERP. Key Partners has developed a change management methodology that is perfectly adapted to digital projects, and which allows IT project managers to be freed from all the human and emotional aspects that an IT project can generate. He is the author of the book “Relax-6 steps to overcoming resistance to change in your projects”.

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