Expected presentation format

Event Format and Opportunities:

Innovative Workshops and Master Classes:

Amidst the dynamic exchange of ideas, our event offers a unique opportunity for speakers to conduct workshops and master classes, adding a hands-on dimension to the learning experience. The final program, including presentatimain stage will be the focal point for our theme, providing a cohesive thread to tie together the diverse discussions on change management. The Keynote Seminar, lasting up to an hour, will not only delve into the main themes of change management but also establish an exceptional standard for the congress. Speakers are tasked with captivating the audience, emphasizing both the challenges and rewards of change management while inspiring our community with forward-thinking ideas. Similarly, our Classic Seminar Presentations, ranging from 20 to 40 minutes, promise an engaging exploration of key aspects of change management, ensuring audience members are captivated and enlightened.


Interactive Learning Spaces:

For those who prefer a more interactive approach, consider hosting a workshop or masterclass in one of our breakout rooms. Alternatively, speakers can opt for a didactic seminar on the main stage, complemented by a practical and interactive session later in the day. This flexible approach allows for a tailored learning experience, accommodating diverse preferences.


Defining Workshops and Master Classes:

Workshops provide an opportunity for individuals or groups to actively learn new skills or concepts. On the other hand, Master Classes offer a deep dive into knowledge-sharing or the further development of a specific expertise or discipline. The versatility of our event format caters to varying learning styles, ensuring a rich and comprehensive experience for all participants.