Franck Debane


Franck Debane
Green customer first: Building sustainable product with the lean startup approach
Friday, 8th October 2021
14:00 – 15:00

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Franck Debane is a specialist in Innovation and Entrepreneurship with over 20 years of experience in those fields working in the Silicon Valley, London and Paris. Engineer turned entrepreneur, he has co-founded 2 startups and worked for large organisations, namely AOL and BBC, worldwide. He now runs Tango Start, an innovation advisory company based in Paris with the mission to build innovation capability in large organisations leveraging the tools and mindset of entrepreneurs. Franck co-founded the Lean Startup Experience, a 10,000+ Lean Startup practitioners community. He also teaches Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the top tier Universities in France. Franck is also a certified NVC mediator.