PM Fair 2018

October 2018

PMI Belgium Annual Congress

PM Fair 2018


The project manager’s mission has evolved and facilitation skills have become ever more important and key to the success of the challenging nature of the projects we manage today. The theme of the PM Fair 2018 therefore is aptly:

Facilitation: the Ultimate PM Skill?

If project managers were often coming from the technical and specialised world in the past, they tend now to be more generic, less linked with a product or a technique and be able to change industry while still being competent as project manager.

But what is actually a facilitating project manager?

The facilitating project manager is a complete manager, being able to communicate adequately to every audience, listen and understand stakeholders. He is serious but he also can be playful if the mood changes. He knows the rules and can go beyond them if necessary. He can improvise, reach a decision in a group without imposing his point of view, create solutions while associating different points of view, adapt if things change. He knows that people can grow, he identifies the gaps and help filling them. The facilitating project manager use different techniques like games to help his team grow as a whole and individually.


About the PM Fair

The PMI Belgium Chapter has a long-standing tradition of organizing an Annual Congress, now known as the PM Fair, in the beginning of October each year.

The event will be set up like a Fair and will offer a fertile ground for professional interaction, networking and knowledge sharing. It will provide an opportunity to exchange ideas, opinions, values and best practices with professionals from different industries/organizations in an informal environment. It will encourage active participation in various PM roles at special booths. It will also allow sponsors/authors to demonstrate their products or services to a targeted group of professionals. In nutshell, it will be a very special, very dynamic and a very friendly “Market” of Project Management.

As Project Management is not limited to any particular business segment or industry, we want to broaden our horizon with this concept to welcome practitioners, academicians, speakers, writers, lecturers, recruiters as well as sponsors from different organizations, industries, professions, universities, etc.
The Market Place consists of making our event a big fair. At the same place, it groups the sponsors, speakers, the persons who are looking for a job and the persons who can share some opportunities. The Market Place must be the central point of our event, the whole day, we must organize animations, entertainment, content, networking. The purpose is to have people the all day long and not just during coffee breaks or lunch. It’s the place to be.

The objective of the PM Fair is to make visible the PMI Belgium Chapter during one full day. The PM Fair must be the reference in the world of the project management in Belgium.

The objective is to regroup the professionals active in project/program/portfolio management in one place where they can share their experience with the others.

At the end of the day, it’s important that each attendee has learnt something, still convinces in his choice of career and still be motivated by the project management. Everybody must be happy at the end of the day and has just one idea: to attend the event of next year.

And icing on the cake, this year, we’ll also celebrate during the PM Fair the 20th Anniversary of the PMI Belgium Chapter.

You can earn 7 PDUs (Professional Development Units) by attending PM Fair 2018.

Applicable to attendees who hold one of the PMI certificates before attending the conference.


Rue Stroobants 51
1140 Evere
Proximus Lounge






FacilitationLars Sudman

Lars Sudmann, Keynote Session

Innovation that sticks!

Harlye lovegrove

Harley Lovegrove, Masterclass

Solving tough Problems

Annette Vendelbo

Marysia Lachowicz and Kamil Tyburski, Workshop

Design Thinking: why you should start adopting it in your projects?

DenamingNader K. Rad

Nader K. Rad, Presentation

Improve Reasoning and Communication with the Denaming Technique

Thomas Hijl
benoit schmitt
frank habermann

Kamil Mroz, Presentation

SOARing into your Project Kick-off


Michèle Longpre, Presentation

About this presentation: Stakeholder Engagement: Facilitating the Transition and Making it Stick


Inspiration Hall

As the talks in the main hall are ongoing, the Inspiration Hall will be opened for business with complementary content. It is hard to capture the idea of the Inspiration Hall, but we have tried in the following paragraph:

The inspiration hall is not a common marketplace.
It is the place to encounter new ideas.

The inspiration hall is not just a collection of informative stands.
It offers the opportunity to engage in new concepts.

The Inspiration Hall doesn’t follow a script.
It is meant for the adventurous, the curious and the rebels,
Seeking new skills and surprising practices.

It is a ship sailing for new shores in search of the one thing:
A new and better version of you

For PMI Belgium, the concept of the Inspiration Hall is key to its identity. The members of PMI Belgium and the attendees of the PM Fair are very much 21st century minded professionals, where critical thinking, creativity and collaboration are important values. Therefore, to cater for these adventurous, curious and even rebellious attendees of the PM Fair, we have a place for them where they can make their own way through all the content available. Every visitor of the Inspiration Hall will travel an individual journey collecting the specific value they are looking for.

Inspiration Hall Speakers

Foto karenschmidt_2016_RGB_klein
Friederike Abitz

Friederike Abitz

Visual Techniques

Friederike Abitz

Friederike Abitz

Dragon Dreaming

Foto karenschmidt_2016_RGB_klein
frank habermann

Karen Schmidt and Frank Habermann, Workshop

Hey, not so fast – Workshop for agile thinking 

FacilitationCarsten Wendt

Carsten Wendt, Workshop

Dealing with difficult communication moments


Organizing the PMI Belgium National Congress is challenging without sponsors. This event is made possible by the sponsorship of the following organizations:

        Management Plaza, provider of project management elearning courses

Call for Sponsors

The PM Fair is a recurring initiative, thanks to the contribution of our esteemed sponsors! Become yourself a partner of the PM Fair and benefit of a direct visibility to over 3000 Professional Project Managers. Discover our flexible sponsor packages, which include logo sponsoring, booth, sponsor session, coffee break sponsor, booklet sponsor, and conference bag sponsor.

Consult the Call for sponsors for all the detail. If you wish to take advantage of this unique opportunity or need further information, please contact We look forward to seeing you among our PM Fair 2018 sponsors!

Organization Team

The organization of the PM Fair is a huge project with varied tasks that requires many skilled hands from start to finish, in order to deliver a high class congress. This important annual event is realized with the help of a dedicated team of volunteers. We are looking for more volunteers to join our passionate PM Fair 2018 team.

Volunteering with PMI can provide you with opportunities that enable you to share your knowledge and experience with other professionals. It will give you a global perspective of how project managers work in various industries. It will also help you to further strengthen your project management skills.

If you wish to join our enthusiastic team, please contact

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