PM Fair 2017

PM Fair 2017

Project Manager Compass

Mark your calendars for the Project Management event of the year – the PM Fair 2017 that will take place on Friday, 6 October 2017.

The PM Fair is a very special event for the Project Management Community in Belgium where we make your learning experience fun; an event that will encourage you to enhance your professional knowledge and skills by providing you the latest tools, techniques and trends that are essential for your success.

The objective of the PM Fair is to help you develop and expand the compass of your project management skills each year. With this in mind, the theme we have chosen for PM Fair 2017 is The Project Manager Compass.

The Project Manager Compass is based on the Project Manager Competence Development Framework and is aligned with the PMI talent triangle. The especially designed tracks of the PM compass will assist you to orientate yourself towards your personal development goals, and to navigate in the direction that best fits your chosen path and targets.



De Montil
Moortelstraat 8
B-1790 Affligem (Essene)

Our venue team has carefully selected De Montil for the PM Fair 2017 keeping in mind the quality of amenities and services required for a high class congress. De Montil offers a central location with a large car park and excellent catering. The meeting rooms are equipped with modern audio-visual facilities.




Downloadable slides are publicly available for some of the presentations in the sections below. Please note that these are only for your personal use, and any commercial or non-commercial presentation of these material, in whole or in part, requires a formal permission from the author.

Keynote Speak: Project Management in Film-making

Jan Verheyen

Jan Verheyen

Jan Verheyen will demonstrate “Project Management in Film-making” in a clear, comprehensive and exciting way with real examples from his legendary movies. Lights! Camera! … Action!

Keynote Speak: Looking East

Harley Lovegrove

Harley Lovegrove

Harley will take us through the Eastern track of Project Manager Compass and will talk about “Looking East”, to help us find the answers to big questions - about finding ourselves, understanding diversity, seeing the world differently and so on…

Masterclass: STOP! Superstars are your worst source of inspiration

And a few other weird ideas about decision making in project and portfolio management

Nader K. Rad


Nader K. Rad

Presentation: Functioning in virtual teams

Fabio Panzavolta


Global teams are becoming the norm; for a Project Manager, dealing with virtual teams is becoming the norm. Being effective in managing virtual teams implies taking care of aspects that are not always at stake with co-located teams.

For the past two years, I have got the chance to work as Scrum Master on a global project, based in Paris, with part of the DevTeam in Romania and stakeholders all over the world. During this presentation, I will share my experience in managing virtual teams and stakeholders, share with you what has worked well and what I would like to change on my next global project.

Presentation: A Personal Development Framework for PMs

Frank Turley


Presentation: Productive Paradoxes in Projects

Ivo Velitchkov


When projects are seriously regarded as social systems, the most striking realisation is that they are full of paradoxes. Understanding and working with these paradoxes will help project managers deal with the increasing complexity, when methodologies and good practices reach their limits of applicability. It will not be an easy task as the Western culture has been trying for centuries to avoid paradoxes. But the efforts will pay off. The new skills will bring unconventional and useful perspective on project decisions, team roles and plans. It will help realise and work with the unavoidable divergence between project success and client satisfaction, the important difference between risks and hazards, the value of trust, and new ways to look at and manage project communications.

Presentation: Weathering the Storm with a Pro-active PPM Mind-set in the 21st Century

Kamil Mroz


Presentation: Leadership skills for project managers who work in virtual teams

Katherina Swings


Part one: What are the needs of virtual team members to stay motivated? How to take care of the diversity within a virtual team?

Part two: How can you, as a project lead, stay connected with a virtual team? How will you be able to assess your virtual team members when you might have never met them face to face? What are possible organisational structures that can impact the success of the project?

Presentation: What about the Quiet ones?

Erik Leung


Estimates show that a large portion of the workforce is introverted. In a world where extraversion is the ideal, are we getting the full potential out of our introverted project leaders and team members. Some myths about introverts need to be challenged such as “introverts are always shy” and “introverts don’t seek connection”. After reframing the concept of introversion with the latest scientific data and insights, practical strategies are presented to either enhance or develop skills for project leaders and team members to operate in a world that hasn’t fully accepted introverts yet.

Workshop: Tragic Steerco - A murder party in project management

Patrice Blanchard


Presentation: Making the world a better place through project management: the Accra Flooding Initiative

Kris Troukens


Presentation: Converting Businesses Into Systemic Selling Organizations

Amir Kahani


Presentation: The Key to Benefits Realization

Brad Bigelow


Workshop: The wondrous world of sleep

Claudine Drees

  • What is the impact of bad sleep on the short and long term?
  • Why is sleeping well so important?
  • What can you do about it?
  • Quiz: what do you actually know about sleep and what about its myths
  • The impact of sleep on your physical and mental wellbeing
  • Biological clock and sleep phases
  • What can you do to enhance your sleep: evening ritual, relaxation, mental and material hygiene, environment, food and sports, tips and tricks to sleep like a log.

Presentation: Why is Management of Change Crucial?

Kris Gielen


Change is everywhere. Disruption is not just a buzzword, it is central to every business. Managing change is therefore essential for the success of anything we do. Kris will not only explain what Management of Change is, but also how you as a PM play a crucial role in it. And he will give you a couple of hints and tips of effective communication along the way.

Presentation: Yes, you can deliver faster by combining Agile and Waterfall !

Nicholas Mierowski

  • Learn how to manage "two separate but coherent styles of work, one focused on predictability and the other on exploration" as defined by Gartner as the "bimodal approach".
  • Discover how Sciforma is marrying Agile and Waterfall/CCPM approaches in one single PPM tool.
  • Discover how you can implement a PPM tool and deliver faster!

Presentation: The Power of Vision

Diepak Kasi


Have you ever heard the expression “without vision people perish”? This is for a good reason.

Most people wander through life without any direction, purpose, or inspiring long-term goals, which leaves them feeling unfulfilled.

If you want to be a leader, you need to have a vision that inspires you and others as well. It impacts everything you do, and you will know why you do the things you do. With a powerful vision, you create more certainty in your life, you perform better and you feel more fulfilled.

At this highly interactive session, you will learn to utilize the Power of Vision for your professional life as well as your personal life.

Presentation: Effective communication with “Blue, Red and Green” Project Team Members and Stakeholders to Build Trust and Reduce Conflict!

Theofanis Giotis & Panos Chatzipanos


Masterclass: Embracing the dark and light sides of your inner force

Christophe Vandecaveye & Mieke Bruneel


This masterclass will bring each participant to the core of his/her own being, recognizing this core as a home place within which inner peace, force and energy can be found and from which the world can be observed, handled and enjoyed. We will show the participants how the principles of nature (like the elements of nature, the seasons, the  directions of the wind, their own body and mind, …) can help them and how to integrate these things in their daily life. To deepen the experience, we will put participants in circumstances of pressure and uncertainty to playfully let them discover the added value of “embracing the dark and light sides of your inner force” in their projects and leadership positions.


Organizing the PMI Belgium National Congress is challenging without sponsors. Sponsoring the event will give you an ideal opportunity to showcase your brand and company directly to all participants as well as to the large project management community in Belgium through our well-developed communication network. You will also have direct access to over 3000 professionals and through them to their companies and their business contacts. We have several sponsor packages that fit all budgets.
If you wish to exhibit your products or services or sponsor PM Fair 2017, or need further information, please contact

Organization Team

The organization of the PM Fair is a huge project with varied tasks that requires many skilled hands from start to finish, in order to deliver a high class congress. This important annual event is realized with the help of a dedicated team of volunteers. We are looking for more volunteers to join our passionate PM Fair 2017 team.

Volunteering with PMI can provide you with opportunities that enable you to share your knowledge and experience with other professionals. It will give you a global perspective of how project managers work in various industries. It will also help you to further strengthen your project management skills.

If you wish to join our enthusiastic team, please contact


About the PM Fair

The PMI Belgium Chapter has a long standing tradition of organizing an Annual Congress, now known as the PM Fair, in the beginning of October each year.
The conventional congress landscape dotting the professional calendar with events filled with the traditional content and structure is slowly giving way to new and innovative approach. PMI Belgium has been a front runner in challenging the traditional format and giving to the project management professionals an event that is not only professionally rewarding but also an invigorating experience filled with fun while delivering on the core professional content.

In 2015, PMI Belgium took the first step to innovate by introducing the “Market Place” concept in the form of the “PM Fair”. In 2016, the focus was turned to not just delivering value but to delight the customer as well as to be a delighted project management professional by addressing the aspects related to the personal well-being.

This year, the PM Fair 2017 continues in the path of “the delighted” by providing the project management professionals a compass that guides them or navigates them towards being delighted and overall well-being that ultimately leads to higher personal and as well as customer satisfaction. The theme of the PM Fair 2017 therefore is aptly “The Project Manager Compass” or in short “The PM Compass”, where the congress will provide the necessary inputs, tools, techniques, tips, networking, health and well-being aspects etc., all bundled as a virtual compass that can steer their projects, teams and themselves to a grand success.

The congress is aimed at delivering key values by providing ample opportunity for professional interaction, networking and knowledge sharing in a relaxed environment. A central area will be provided that will allow sponsors/authors to demonstrate their products or services to a targeted group of professionals.

Building on the innovative ideas, the objective is to deliver PM Fair as a congress that is THE Project Management event of the year, and an event that everyone looks forward to attending each year.

Next year?

There will be another great congress next year, as well as many satellite events. You can stay informed of them by subscribing to our newsletter at PMI Belgium Chapter website.

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