Path to Progress

Most people have encountered obstacles on their path. It has always been there and the last six months or so it has been more extreme and more visible. But what are the obstacles telling you? There is no learning and growing without adversity and the challenges being presented at these times are no different from the challenges that we always have been exposed to.

In this presentation “Path to Progress”, I will cover what the obstacles or challenges are that you  encounter on your path to progress and how you can turn this around into something that works for you and don’t stay stuck, so you can start creating real progress.

About the Speaker

Diepak Kasi

There are people who feel unhappy or dissatisfied about the way their life is at the moment and there are people who are fully enjoying their life and who want to grow to the next level. I can help both groups.
My name is Diepak Kasi, PMP and I used to work as a project/program manager in the telecom industry. Now I’m a trainer, coach and a teacher in the field of Personal Development and Leadership and have impacted the lives of thousands of people through my talks, trainings, coaching and classes.

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