Nicolas Petit

Nicolas Petit

Presentation: Resilience is the new Performance. Leverage modern technologies and (behavioural) data to boost yourself and your project team

Our business world is more and more volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. Agile techniques will help you go through the storm for a while, but the real core competency required for teams today is resilience and robustness. To survive storm after storm. Being clever in managing our resources, leveraging strengths of each team member, support each other, learn to trust etc… What if Virtual Reality, AI and scientifically validated behavioural data, could be made available in real time to 1. See how your team functions in crisis, 2. Give you actionable insights and focus points? Come and see the future of what managing robust project teams may look like.

Learning goals summary:

  • Incorporate AI and Virtual Reality in your soft skills toolbox.

  • Rediscover the power of data and science to make us more human.

  • Go away with concrete tips on how to boost your team’s collaboration, humanity, and resilience.


Nicolas Petit is a 51-year-old executive, with 25 years career in the Pharma industry, mostly managing large projects and strategic programmes. For four years, he was the Senior Director of Culture Transformation at GSK Vaccines and head of Project Management in Belgium Operations. In 2021, Nicolas founded “humanize”, a consultancy helping drive business performance through data driven culture transformation. Nicolas owns two Masters (Management & Data science), is an alumni of INSEAD on AI in business. He is also an executive coach and a facilitator for the Human Performance Institute. He has a black belt and is an agile coach.