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Monica Dimitriu

Workshop: Proven Techniques to Greater Persuasion and Influence for Project Managers

Are you a Project Manager?

If so, you need to master communication skills in your business and personal life.

In this workshop, you will learn technics on how to be more confident, engaging, and influential, all while validating that your audience is feeling good about you, no matter what the message is.


Learning goals summary:

You'll learn how to...

  • Get your audience to be engaged in from the moment they sit down

  •  Hook your audience by telling them why they should stay and listen and show them what's in it for them

  • Keep your audience engaged, on track, and all the way through your communication

  • Make it enjoyable by meeting their needs and get them to interact with you

  • Make them feel safe and create excitement with your personality

  • Persuade  your audience to say "YES!" to your proposal, initiative or idea

  • Confidently answer any question, including those you don’t know or are completely off topic

  • Roll with the unexpected and look good by managing mistakes, disruptions or negativity



Monica Dimitriu – executive career coach, trainer, public speaker, author and DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster), she has trained and coached many freelancers and project managers and she has also won several public speaking awards.

She has also published her most recent book: Communication and Coaching strategies to Deal with Difficult People: 30 Personality Profile Types

Her goal is to give people practical and actionable presentation skills that create a real connection with the audience.