Messaging Your New Story

In view of the current situation, project managers across the globe, working as consultants or in-house, across the spectrum of industries have a new story. This workshop explores how to message this new story using the “art” of storytelling to engage, compel, persuade, and influence stakeholders. 

The premise is that most project managers are on LinkedIn and by default (to verify just google yourself), is the primary messaging platform. With more than 660 million members, the LinkedIn profile is your professional and most often viewed “window to the world”.

The focus of this workshop will address the ABOUT or story section of the LinkedIn profile. Specifically, how to tell your new story, what to say, and how to write storied content and narratives around your personal brand, projects and accomplishments.  As a resource and guide the ebook  Storytelling about your Brand Online & Offline”will be givent to participants and referenced during the workshop

About the Speaker

Bernadette Martin
Bernadette Martin
Bernadette Martin is Chief Storytelling Officer and Founder of Visibility Branding and Author of Storytelling about your Brand Online & Offline”A storytelling evangelist, she helps professionals message their professional narrative and develop the “art” of Storytelling for both online (LinkedIn) and offline (interview and presentation) purposes.

She works 1:1 with clients across the globe and in academic, corporate and association environments in the US and Europe. Having developed a signature course on Storytelling, she delivers this in various formats as workshops, modules and keynotes in the US and Europe.

Post an MBA degree, she embarked on a 20+ year career working in various aspects of corporate and personal brand management in the U.S., Asia, and Europe. Truly European American, she calls Paris and Seattle home. Bernadette has presented many times at PMI events in Paris, Brussels, Sophie Antiopolis, and Luxembourg. LinkedIn profile

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