Maximising your revenue by value-centred selling and pricing

Value-Centred Selling & Pricing: Enhancing your revenue in Covid times
Sales opportunities are precious: we want to make the most of them. When there are many project-managers looking for work, it’s easy for rates to plummet. How do you protect your fee income from being eroded?  
The answer is to sell and price according to value, rather than according to cost. In this session, John Niland takes us through some practical tips for project-managers, such as:
•              How to introduce yourself with impact, by bringing tailored insight to customers
•              Questions to uncover the value of the work to be done
•              Dealing with people who want to block you from value-conversations
•              Differentiating yourself by adding value up-front, i.e. before the sale
•              Discussing budget-guidelines before doing a proposal
•              Handling objections e.g. “we have a cheaper supplier”

About the Speaker

John Niland
John Niland
Professional speaker on how self-worth is a game-changer for leaders, managers and professionals:
– Energising performance, boosting resilience
– Engaging deeply with people, building trust and common purpose
– Empowering business-development and negotiation
– Enabling fresh lightness and joy, even in hectic days or uncertain times

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