Marcus Glowasz

Marcus Glowasz 

Masterclass: Data Literacy for Project Management Professionals

The role data plays in decision-making across all levels of organizations has never been more significant. Especially with the known potential of artificial intelligence and ChatGPT, the significance of data is experiencing exponential growth. But to unlock the potential of big data for improved project delivery performance, businesses must upskill their project management professionals with the requisite data literacy skills, tailored to the specific challenges, common behavioural and cultural constraints, and typical methods and processes in the project management domain. In this masterclass, attendees will learn about the necessary skills to overcome usual barriers in project environments, unlock today’s data capabilities, and make an impact toward improved project performance.

Learning goals summary:

  • Recognize data literacy as a key skillset for the future of project management by understanding the core concepts of project data and their value.

  • Identify common pitfalls in thinking and behaviours related to data in project management and how to address them by establishing a sound data culture.

  • Describe the core principles for effective data-informed decision making in projects.


Marcus Glowasz is a project management expert and advisor, based in Zurich, Switzerland. With almost 30 years of international experience in technology and data-driven projects, he is well-versed in project best practices, including strategies for innovating change delivery practices. He specializes in the digitalization of the project management practice, helping leaders and teams to leverage the vast potential of data-informed practices to advance and future-proof project delivery practices in their organizations. Marcus is the author of the book «Leading Projects with Data», which provides insights on overcoming cultural and behavioural barriers to achieving success in data-driven and evidence-based project delivery.