Kim Tureluren

Kim Tureluren 

Workshop: How to observe and use your company culture to your advantage, learnings from an anthropologist

An organisation's culture is created by people's ideas and behaviour, and vice versa, culture determines people's behaviour. Just as an anthropologist seeks to understand unfamiliar cultures, we can use these techniques to understand our own organisation's culture.

This workshop takes a hands-on approach to interpreting your own organisation’s culture using tools from anthropological fieldwork. We will go beyond the organigram, processes and procedures and explore in a very straightforward way how to observe and navigate through the organisation.

We will cover topics like stakeholder management, ranking and leadership through interactive exercises in small groups. You will learn to recognise sabotage behaviour and how to create space for innovative thinking.

Learning goals summary:

In this workshop you will learn:

  • how to look at your organisation like an anthropologist.

  • how to draw a stakeholder map and identify power and influence.

  • how to recognise sabotage behaviour.

  • leadership techniques to influence your team without exercising direct authority.


Kim is a corporate anthropologist and change management consultant. Through her anthropological view, limitless curiosity, and exceptional listening skills she offers businesses and not for profit organisations, insights into their culture and guides their leadership teams into building a culture that is ready to embrace change.  Kim is a trainer for The Bayard Partnership on topics such as, change management, organisational culture, and leadership.  As a change manager, she guides organisations through transition and builds bridges between people and departments, always with the intent of creating meaningful and lasting change.