Keynote Closing Panel: Planning for the unexpected

Black Swans, Pink Elephants and Unknown Unknowns. Opportunity? Or threat? 

Since the beginning of time man has struggled with handling unexpected and unwelcome change, author Harley Lovegrove, with four titles to his name, covering: Managing Change, Transition,  Inspirational Leadership  and Making a Difference, is bringing five guests into his Podcast studio to debate this year’s PMI conference topic of how to deal with the unexpected. He and his guest will considering if it is optimistic, or even realistic, to suppose one can manage the unexpected?

From project scope creep to global pandemics and massive changes in trading practices and arrangements. How much can we ever realistically be seen to manage at all?

About the Speaker

Joining Harley in the debate will be:  Bertrand Potier, Managing Director – Corporate Liquidity and Bank Treasury Professional Services Europe at FIS, Brian Thumwood – Director PM Fair,  Michèle Longpré, Executive Director at Gordian Management, Kamil Mroz, Director, Program Management Lead for UCB, Saskia Van Dyck, President – PMI Luxembourg

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