Karen Schmidt

Karen Schmidt 

Masterclass: Rethink Decision-Making! Liberate yourself and everyone involved from wasting time and energy

Do you sometimes feel that important decisions take too much time and energy or may end up in a dead end? It is not that managers or experts deliberately sabotage good decisions. That can happen, but it is the exception rather than the rule. But far too often, confusion and assumptions lead to unnecessary workload, conflict, and frustration for everyone involved. In this session you will discover a new perspective on decision-making, powerful questions, and a new language to organize participation much more efficiently. And of course, you will get new tools for your gymnastic kit!

1) The DECISION CANVAS to clarify the goals of decisions, and 2) DECISION HATS playing cards to clarify the roles any decision-making project needs.

Learning goals summary:

In this session you will:

  • Learn how to identify and clarify confusions around goals of decisions and thus be able to reduce unproductive time and conflicts in decision-making projects.

  • Learn 6 roles any decision-making project needs to consider for effective participation.

  • Experience the impact of the new thinking tools in your gymnastics kit on your thinking.


Karen Schmidt is a consultant and sparring partner for leaders. Her fields of expertise: designing and managing collaborative decision-making, organizational transformation, complex projects, and effective communication in this context. With over 20 years of management and consulting experience, she asks the right questions to identify blind spots and open-up new perspectives. In her seminars, she challenges patterns of thinking to help you find better management approaches. Karen is creator of the open innovation community "Over the Fence “(overthefence.com.de) and co-author of management books and business tools to help you think beyond all hypes and buzzwords.