Geert Vercaeren

Geert Vercaeren

Presentation: Humanizing Strategy: How to Master Emotions, Values and Beliefs When You Execute Plans

Strategy execution is complex. Roughly 70 percent of transformation efforts fail. Values, beliefs, and emotions have a proven impact on human motivation and thus influence our focus, decisions, and actions. Yet these elements are often neglected in the professional world, thereby dehumanizing strategies and organizations. Geert Vercaeren will take you into the world of values, beliefs, emotions and often hidden underlying motivational forces that influence individual and collective behaviours in organizations. He will show(how) it is possible to increase the success rate of your strategic projects by including a more radical human-centred perspective and tactics.

Learning goals summary:

The key learning goal of my keynote, workshop, or master class on ‘Humanizing Strategy’.

  • Based on leading research, real stories, case studies and practical tools I will provide the audience with new insights and an unconventional approach on how to humanize their strategic projects and make it really work.


Geert Vercaeren is a senior organization consultant, coach, author, and entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience in leading complex organization development and strategic change projects.

He graduated from INSEAD’s Executive Master's degree in Organizational Psychology, holds an MA degree as Commercial Engineer and Behavioural Economics certificate from Harvard Business School. In all his work, Geert starts his project from the challenge and ambitions at business level and in addition integrates psychologically informed approaches focusing on underlying motivational forces and behavioural patterns. He is the author of the book Humanizing Strategy and founder of B15, a consulting company dedicated to humanizing strategies.