Friends and Foes – Managing Stakeholders in an Unpredictable World

Steering your organisation through the maze of stakeholders is always a challenge, but during a crisis the stakes increase and it can be the difference between a temporary setback and permanent organisational damage.
In the last months we have seen the amazing speed with which Covid-19 can spread, causing financial and reputational damage to companies, but more importantly also physical harm to their employees. In the current hyper-connected and politically charged world, being able to understand who who needs to be informed, who is impacted and who needs to act during a crisis is essential.
As Project Management Professionals, it is critical to manage your network of stakeholders effectively. Therefore, planning ahead to optimize your response and improve your chances of retaining their trust is instrumental to every project’s success. This is even more important in the current Covid-19 conditions, which don’t appear to be going away any time soon. Now more than ever, the ability to map stakeholders and see ahead is an invaluable skill that every project manager should possess.
Join us to find out how effective stakeholder mapping can make or break your project in an unpredictable world. The keynote presentation on Monday 28 September at 16:30 will be followed by a practical session on Tuesday 29 September at 14:00. We look forward to your participation!

Note: Whilst attendance in the first event is suggested in order to fully understand the principles, the practical session is open for everyone to attend.

About the Speaker

Anthony Spota

Koen Peeters

CS&A International
Koen is a Senior Consultant with CS&A International based in Belgium and working with clients internationally. He joined CS&A in 2010, and has been working with clients to develop and implement risk management systems, develop crisis processes, establish stakeholder mapping and scenario planning capabilities, as well as overall business continuity and contingency planning. He is particularly involved in all crisis exercises including designing scenarios and developing and controlling simulation drills.
Anthony Spota is a Senior Consultant with CS&A International based in Brussels. With a background in Communications and HR, he helps prepare the firm’s clients for the crises of tomorrow by designing tailored communication, HR, and operational crisis response strategies. Prior to joining CS&A, Anthony held various international positions working for a leading HR consulting firm, international organisations and an NGO.