Evi Narinx

Evi Narinx and Ariel Palma Parodi

Workshop: It takes two to tango!

A notable aspect of being a project manager is the ability to navigate a wide variety of tasks and dimensions, each contributing to the successful outcome of a project.

The human factor is probably the most challenging one. People may be at different stages of the learning curve, there may be hidden agendas or other elements in play. All aspects that require management.

Most leadership courses focus on top down leadership skills in my experience. However, the follower has an equal part to play in the partnership. After all, doesn’t it take two to tango? We use the Argentine tango as a metaphor to explore team dynamics and what it takes to make meaningful connections with your project team members.


Learning goals summary:

  • Understand how important a meaningful connection is.



Evi Narinx is a certified Six-Sigma Lean Process Development Manager, effective at unraveling business processes, and "connecting the dots" to boost joy and value in the workplace. She has a 25-year background in Biotech/Pharma, with proven successes in leading science-supportive operational projects within this sector, bringing the magic of science to life.

Ariel Palma Parodi is a multipotentialist who has been operationally active in various industries.

During their dance training, they reflected on human interactions within the professional and personal space. They found many similarities between the dance and project work and like to make this experience accessible to the broader public.