Dries Vandevyvere

Dries Vandevyvere 

 Presentation: The project manager as coach, mentor, teacher, and data scientist for Olympic project performance

When you think of gymnastics, you may think about people tumbling across the floor or men doing incredible feats of strength on the rings. But those images only represent some types of gymnastics.

The same goes for the perception of project management: The discipline ranges from artistic over rhythmic to acrobatic.

How can you perform best in each discipline? During this presentation you will hear about

  • Training your team to be flexible & resilient for immediate results on the project floor

  • Acting as a coach to shape behavior, attitudes, values, and motivation

  • Taking the role of mentor to provide support and challenge the development of individuals

And the cherry on the cake: Benefiting from the video analyst or data scientist to perform on the next level.

 Learning goals summary:

During the presentation you will get sparkling ideas and hands-on tips for

  • Defining a growth, learning & development approach for flexible & resilient people in your team and organization.

  • Coaching individuals and groups to grow the available talents and skills to an Olympic level by unlocking people’s full potential.

  • Mentoring by using your own skills, knowledge, and experience to set clear goals, establish a learning cadence and devise a pragmatic path for individual & team growth.

  • Using data-driven insights from your organization, people, processes, and tools to take your project results to medal-winning results.


Dries Vandevyvere is an experienced project & program manager, IT consultant and Business Mentor at Proj3ctS. He is EMS-professor in project management and teaches engineers at KU Leuven. Dries is a volunteer and board member at the Benelux ISPE center of practice for project management. He displayed his passion for improving, structuring, planning, and managing projects at companies like Galapagos, Sanofi, Dow Chemical and Umicore. As a business mentor and advisor Dries has collaborated with managers and leaders in various industries including R&D, logistics, media, and IT. When not delivering projects, you can find him outdoors: hiking, cycling, or travelling the world.