Taming the Tiger. Dealing with irrationality in Project Management

All human behaviour is driven by both rational and non-rational dynamics.
Any crisis provokes a lot of emotional reactions. Organisations have scripts available which are based on rational analysis and that allow them to manage the turmoil.
When the Covid Black Swan hit, by definition, there was no script for dealing with it.
As a result, we saw a lot of non-rational dynamics surfacing. We will explore two of them which will allow us to understand the situation better and deal with it more effectively.
The first one is instinct to protect one’s turf, sometimes at the expense of the interests of other groups. The second one is Power: how it affects those who have it and those who are subjected to it in times of crisis.

About the Speaker

Jan Van der Vurst, PhD
Jan Van der Vurst, PhD
Jan studied organisational behaviour at the universities of Leuven, Utrecht, Case Western Reserve and UCLA. Consulted and trained managers and professionals in the area of the human side of project management and political skills.
He worked for companies such as ExxonMobil, Johnson & Johnson, Deloitte, Bayer, Johnson Controls, Proximus, Umicore, in Europe, the Middle and the Far East and the America’s. Published several books on interpersonal impact of which the last one: ‘Stakeholdering. Diplomatic skills for successful projects’ was published in 2019.

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