Dark Data in Project Management – The Critical (Un)known Unknown

The most important asset for organisations today is data. With the exponentially growing amount of information, also the project management domain is expected to become a more analytics-driven practice that relies on the proper collection and processing of relevant project information.

An estimated 80% of data that is collected today by organisations is usually unused as it is considered of no benefit for business operations. In the era of big data, such information, known as dark data, is becoming a problem as it means that there is hidden information that will not be accounted for in decision-making processes. This represents an increasing risk for projects as it could lead to wrong project decisions.

The presentation will provide insights on the nature of dark data, the different types of dark data, how it impacts project management, and what organizations and project professionals can do to address this increasing risk.

About the Speaker

Marcus Glowasz
Marcus Glowasz

Marcus has extensive experience as a Project and Program Manager, with expertise in large scale transformation programs in the Financial Services sector. With over two decades of experience in technology-driven projects, Marcus developed an obsession for the innovation and advancement of the project management practice through research and entrepreneurship in future-defining technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data, as well as the transformation of project cultures and operating models towards more efficient and effective project functions and deliveries.

Marcus holds an Executive MBA from Henley Business School as well as numerous professional certifications in program and project management from PMI, APM, and Stanford University.

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