Conversations that make a difference


“An organisation is a community of discourse. Leadership is about shaping the nature of the discourse.” ~ Robert Kegan
Each conversation you have is potentially a moment of truth. As a Project Manager and Leader the outcome of a conversation can move you forward or hold you back. Therefore, effective conversations are an essential ingredient in the fuel that make projects successful.
As you’ll know, some conversations are easier than others. However, this varies from person to person and context to context. 
In this webinar you’ll learn about:
·         3 areas where conversational skill will help you improve your influence as a Project Manager
·         5 key conversations that you should master
·         4 skills to improve your conversational capacity
·         Tools to help Project Managers and their teams understand and build their conversational capacity and skills
There will be little theory. We’ll focus on practical advice, tips and experiential learning that you can apply immediately afterwards. 

About the Speaker

Gerry MurrayGerry Murray works with individuals and teams who want to be more productive and effective so they can perform at their best. High performing individuals and teams can consistently create value for themselves and their organisations or clients. His early career was spent in professional communications. Since 2014 his work is focused around talent and potential in organisations and he combines this with his ongoing study of the brain, including his own! To peek inside Gerry’s brain you can read his weekly posts or visit his website

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