Christel Stevens

Christel Stevens 

Workshop: Integrate well-being 

Healthy employees are key to healthy organizations. Both are essential in creating a healthy world. A natural balance in your life gives you pleasure and vitality in your job, your leisure, unforgettable moments with family and friends. This balance makes people happy and happy people are motivated to realize the goals of their organization. The present-day health care system focuses for 98% on curing disease and only 2% on health as such. To relieve the day-to-day pressure, we grasp at food and stimulants that exhaust our health.  3-isOne provides the insight and tools to activate your self-healing potential from 5 entry points: feeling, moving, feeding, resting, and breathing.

When we fully understand these elementary pillars of long-lasting health, we can choose differently.  In this workshop you’ll experience that everything is about feeling energy. Feeding is much more than merely eating. You find out how to optimize your daily energy management with micro-breaks. You’ll feel that your brain, heart, and mental work requires other energy than physical work.

You will learn which moments of the day sweet or salty are important and how coffee eventually exhausts your system. While oxygen, water, and salt (without calories) give wings to your mental energy and heart. 3-isOne method proposes a structure to optimize your daily energy levels and how to apply these learnings in your organization, on a personal, team and organizational level.

Learning goals summary:

  • Understanding energy drains and how to answer them.

  • Insights into what is good, bad for the brain and heart on a daily basis.

  • Find the motivation to change health habits.

  • How to build a healthy atmosphere in your company.

  • How to apply these learnings in your organization.


Christel Stevens is a food processing engineer and a naturopathic dietician. In a former life she was director of a marshmallow producing factory. She struggled with overweight and several health issues. Although she was successful in her career, she chose to change her life. She developed the 3-isOne Healthy body, brain & heart method. This scientifically founded method offers clients different hands-on schemes to tackle weight and chronic diseases but primarily focuses on staying healthy and vital. A clearly structured plan with motivating clips, delicious recipes and easy to apply exercises form the basis of success of her method.  By learning how to access your self-healing potential you set the basis for a lasting recovery or health improvement.