Chris Kindermans

Chris Kindermans

PMI, its worldwide Social Impact activities and the role of PMIEF (Project Management Institute Educational Foundation)

It is PMI’s view that by applying project, program, and portfolio management capabilities, positive, sustainable change can be created. This change could and would address some pressing social, environmental, and/or economic challenges.
PMI and its partner organizations, like the YSNP’s that PMIEF is working with, will achieve their social impact goals through conscious and deliberate activities with defined outcomes in the context of their operations and administration.

To achieve the above, PMI will create new and/or further develop some existing programs that will power PMI’s social impact journey.
We will briefly discuss some programs around Hours for Impact, PMIEF, PMWB (Project Managers without Borders), PMI’s DEI and Code of Ethics

We will zoom in on PMIEF’s Strategic Plan till 2027 and its relationships with YSNP’s and the expected involvement of local chapters.

As a reminder …

For more than 30 years, PMIEF (Project Management Institute Educational Foundation), a 501(c) PMI Foundation, has helped put youth on the path to success by incorporating project management skills into their daily lives.

In order to make a greater impact and provide increased value to young people around the world, PMI/PMIEF has decided to develop its strategy by working through nonprofits, so called YSNP’s (Youth Serving Non-Profit organizations).

One of the reasons for presenting today, is to highlight the importance of involving PMI’s membership and chapters to PMIEF’s Strategic Mission and Objectives.

PMIEF’s Strategic plan (2019-2027) can be found here: