Day 5: Friday 2nd of October

Conversations that make a difference

On 12.00 to 13.00, Day 5: Friday 2nd of October

. “An organisation is a community of discourse. Leadership is about shaping the nature of the discourse.” ~ Robert KeganEach conversation you have is potentially a moment of truth. As a Project Manager and Leader the outcome of a conversation can move you forward or hold you back. Therefore, effective conversations are an essential ingredient…

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Foul Up Friday

On 13.00 to 14.00, Day 5: Friday 2nd of October

Join us for the Project Mistake hour @ Foul Up Friday We have a number of high profile project managers from around the world sharing their big project mistakes and what they learned from this. So do not have to feel alone when you make a big mistake while managing a project. We will have…

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