Day 1: Monday 28th of September

Building Organizational Resilience

On 08.00 - 09.00, Day 1: Monday 28th of September

Organizational Resilience is the ability of an organization to anticipate, prepare for, respond and adapt to incremental change and sudden disruptions in order to survive and prosper. Organizational resilience is an essential strategy for an organization to flourish in today’s dynamic world and can be achieved throughout time, set up for the long-term. Organizational resilience is a continues…

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Opening Ceremony Keynote – Stakeholder Mapping

On 16.30 to 17.30, Day 1: Monday 28th of September

Steering your organisation through the maze of stakeholders is always a challenge, but during a crisis the stakes increase and it can be the difference between a temporary setback and permanent organisational damage.In the last months we have seen the amazing speed with which Covid-19 can spread, causing financial and reputational damage to companies, but more importantly also physical harm to…

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Opening Ceremony Keynote – Powering the Project Economy

On 19.00 to 20.00, Day 1: Monday 28th of September

PMI is aspiring to be the place to go for all things ​project management – globally…Work had changed. So must the way the world thinks about projects.Powering the Project Economy​Strengthening society​ by enabling organizations ​and empowering people ​to make ideas a reality. About the Speaker Tony Appleby Tony is passionate about organizational project management and helping…

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Opening Ceremony Keynote -Strategic Design and Project Delivery – Bridging the gap

On 20.00 to 21.00, Day 1: Monday 28th of September

This webinar will examine the critical relationship between organizational strategy and the execution of projects.  The potential value of maintaining strategy/project connection will illustrated and way to achieve and maintain that vital connection. The supporting slides for this program will help make the relevance of PMI’s emphasis on the Strategic element of the Talent Triangle. …

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