Arlène Derbaix Jessica Thiry

Arlène Derbaix & Jessica Thiry

Workshop: Our VVP model to ensure full benefit of leadership programs

Some articles suggest that leadership programs might have a great impact on talent development and retention … if implemented correctly. Some figures even suggest that only 10% of the outlay for corporate training and development in the US delivers concrete results. Why? Because of the persisting dichotomy between professional and personal life. But with the evolution of our working practices over the last few years, the borders between ‘pro and perso` are more porous than ever. In fact, those leadership programs should address this evolution, not only focusing on the professional life of the person, but also on her/his personal aspirations, on the whole-person growth.

That´s why we are proposing a 3-step model to address this currently existing gap.

Learning goals summary:

  • Current evolution of the work-life balance.

  • How to maximize the results of the leadership programs.

  • Our 3-step model: the VVP Model.


Arlène Derbaix and Jessica Thiry are combining more than 15 years of experience in corporate Management and in Psychology, respectively.  Jessica Thiry has a Master´s in Business Administration as well as a Master´s in Psychology. She works in a mental health association and owns her private practice. Arlène Derbaix has a PhD in Finance. After 5 years in business consulting, she joined GSK 12 years ago and has held different positions in PMO, Portfolio Director, Finance, Chief of Staff, etc. She now leads a team in the clinical operations space to promote and develop Performance Management Culture.