4 October 2019

PMI Belgium Annual Congress

PM Fair 2019


This year's theme is...

Project Management and Digital Disruption: Are you ready?

Project management professionals that will succeed in this age of disruption will have the right mindset; they will adapt rapidly to the opportunities and challenges brought about by new and rapidly evolving technology, with a powerful impact and global reach.
The 2019 PM Fair challenges our participants, ‘Are you ready?’ and the aim of the program is to challenge thinking, broaden horizons and put the wheels in motion to create ‘Project Managers of the future’.

The main theme will be addressed from three different, but equally important, perspectives, represented by three different tracks throughout the congress. The following outlines the perspective for each track, to provide inspiration for potential speakers in providing their abstract:



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PM Fair 2019 corporate fees are available starting from 5 participants. Different discounts are available. To learn more, contact us at info@pmfair.org

About PM Fair

The PMI Belgium Chapter has a long-standing tradition of organizing an Annual Congress, now known as the PM Fair, in the beginning of October each year.

The event will be set up like a Fair and will offer a fertile ground for professional interaction, networking and knowledge sharing. It will provide an opportunity to exchange ideas, opinions, values and best practices with professionals from different industries/organizations in an informal environment. It will encourage active participation in various PM roles at special booths. It will also allow sponsors/authors to demonstrate their products or services to a targeted group of professionals. In nutshell, it will be a very special, very dynamic and a very friendly “Market” of Project Management.

As Project Management is not limited to any particular business segment or industry, we want to broaden our horizon with this concept to welcome practitioners, academicians, speakers, writers, lecturers, recruiters as well as sponsors from different organizations, industries, professions, universities, etc.
The Market Place consists of making our event a big fair. At the same place, it groups the sponsors, speakers, the persons who are looking for a job and the persons who can share some opportunities. The Market Place must be the central point of our event, the whole day, we must organize animations, entertainment, content, networking. The purpose is to have people the all day long and not just during coffee breaks or lunch. It’s the place to be.

The objective of the PM Fair is to make visible the PMI Belgium Chapter during one full day. The PM Fair must be the reference in the world of the project management in Belgium.

The objective is to regroup the professionals active in project/program/portfolio management in one place where they can share their experience with the others.

At the end of the day, it’s important that each attendee has learnt something, still convinces in his choice of career and still be motivated by the project management. Everybody must be happy at the end of the day and has just one idea: to attend the event of next year.

You can earn 7 PDUs (Professional Development Units) by attending PM Fair 2019.

Applicable to attendees who hold one of the PMI certificates before attending the conference.


Hotel Le Plaza
Boulevard Adolphe Maxlaan 118/126
1000 Brussels




Are you ready for the digital disruption?



Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez Keynote session

Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez is the creator of concepts such as the Hierarchy of Purpose, or the Project Manifesto which argues that projects are the lingua franca of the business and personal worlds from the C-suite to managing your career or relationships.Antonio has been recently awarded the title of Thinker of the Month by the prestigious Thinkers50, who identifies the most influential management thinkers in the world, including Michael Porter, Clayton Christensen, Rita McGrath.

Antonio  will be our keynote speaker  and will be opening PMFair 2019, our annual Belgian congress on Project Management.


Digital Transformation Keynote Session

Stephan Forseilles

Harley Lovegrove

Solving Complex Problems MASTERCLASS

Harley Lovegrove

Harley Lovegrove is the author of four books (Making a Difference, Inspirational Leadership, Transition, The Change Manager’s Handbook). He’s also a blogger and professional speaker. He is also a guest lecturer at many of Europe’s top universities and Management schools.

Harley’s career has led him to work in a wide variety of businesses from recruitment to the building industry and transport, from high technology and software development to manufacturing in a wide variety of sectors including; clothing, petro-chemical and medical.

Nader K. Rad

NUPP: Love, Peace, and Successful Projects Presentation

Nader K. Rad

It doesn’t matter if we are using an Agile or a predictive system, a virtual team or a collocated one, a highly structured and sophisticated system or a simple one, have a lot of documents and plans or otherwise: there are a number of fundamental principles that we need to follow in projects to make them efficient and successful. Otherwise, most of our actions have the risk of becoming fruitless rituals.

In this session, we’re going to have a quick review of an open-source, Creative Commons guide called NUPP (Nearly Universal Principles of Projects), to see how it can help us in our projects.

More info at http://nupp.guide

About the Speaker

Nader is a project management author, speaker, and adviser at Management Plaza. His career started in 1997, and since then he has been involved in many projects in different industries. He has designed several project management courses, prepared multiple e-learning courses, and written more than 40 books.

Nader has been a contributor to the PMBOK® Guide, an official reviewer for PRINCE2® 2017, PRINCE2 Agile®, and the lead author of P3.express and NUPP.

More about Nader at nader.pm

Lubomira Mihailova

Can a machine become PMP® certified? Presentation

Lubomira Mihailova

Application of Machine Learning in a typically human-driven domain as Project Management will change not only the role of the Project Manager but also the profession as a whole. This will allow the function to be transformed into rather a ‘Project Leader’ who can concentrate her/ his attention on the company strategy and the human aspects and develop the relative soft skills.

Delegating the technical expertise to machines will allow for more precision and objectivity in the analysis and prognosis (reporting the status and making predictions of the project outcomes), better and faster decision making and aligning the project with the product success. In summary, this will speed up the ‘time-to-market’ metric and the delivery of corresponding to the market needs products and services.

About the Speaker

Proven project management professional with 15 years of experience in IT and Telco industries. Experienced in complex cross-functional and cross-company projects and programs at national and international level. Reviewer of the latest version of PMI® Foundational Standards (PMBOK® v.6, Standard for Program Management® v.4 and Organisational Project Management Maturity Model® v.4). Further interests in organisation PM maturity models, social entrepreneurship, sustainability development and disruptive technologies.

The content of this presentation was developed during the author’s participation in the MIT online program ‘Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy’ in the period October 2018 – January 2019.

John Niland

Self Worth - empowering you as a PMPresentation

John Niland

To have impact with leaders, it takes confidence as well as competence. A deep sense of your own value gives you the solid foundation needed to tackle today’s tough challenges. In this session, we explore what self-worth is and how it differs from self-esteem and confidence. We look at how to build that deep, unconditional friendship with yourself that boosts performance, enhances resilience and allows you to meet all challenges with fresh energy and confidence.

About the Speaker

Following two decades of coaching thousands of project-managers and independent professionals, John Niland is one of Europe’s best-known business coaches. His value-centred approach to business-development and consulting has made him a popular speaker at professional conferences. His books include “The Courage to Ask” (with Kate Daly) and most recently, “The Self-Worth Safari”. His core message is simple: when we really value ourselves and our work, we are empowered to bring fresh impact to clients and projects.

Andy Whittle

Storytelling for Resilience Presentation

Andy Whittle

This talk revolves around 4 main elements:

  • Emotional Resilience: “the ability to generate positive emotion and recover quickly from negative emotional experiences” (Fredrickson, et al 2008).
  • Storytelling: The social and cultural activity of sharing stories. Everybody has a story which deserves to be heard and listened to. I will concentrate on the personal stories.
  • Vulnerability: In order to be properly understood, people need to know where you are coming from, why you are the way you are and why you do the things the way you do, they need to understand the person behind the mask. For this you need to share your story. This takes vulnerability and courage. You need to be in the Arena.
  • Empathy: "the ability to understand and share the feelings of another". Just remember, everyone is doing their best on any particular day.

About the Speaker

Andy Whittle is a certified Life and Executive Coach, a Trainer, Facilitator and Human Space Host.
He is co-owner and co-founder of both the Imagination Club and Cooperativa Kreativa, platforms for creativity, workshops, co-creation, events and human connection.

He lives just outside Brussels with his family and is fascinated by human connection.


The PM's Brain at Work Presentation

Gerry Murray

carsten wendt

Power of Metaphor Presentation

Carsten Wendt

Stefan Costeur

Digital Transformation at SNCB Presentation

Stefan Costeur

Peter RYAN

Can AI put people in the heart of Project Management Presentation

Peter Ryan

Lionel Anciaux

IOT Factory Presentation

Lionel Anciaux

Wolfgang Wendl

Predictive, Agile, Hybrid - choosing the right approach Presentation

Wolfgang Wendl

Jean Debrosse

Taming Increasing Complexity Workshop

Jean Debrosse


How to Project Manage your Brain Workshop

Gerry Murray

John Niland

Raising the value of your workWorkshop

John Niland

Ivo velitchkov

BIO: Balances in Organisations Workshop

Dr. Ivo Velitchkov

more to be announced soon!


Inspiration Hall

As the talks in the main hall are ongoing, the Inspiration Hall will be opened for business with complementary content. It is hard to capture the idea of the Inspiration Hall, but we have tried in the following paragraph:

The inspiration hall is not a common marketplace.
It is the place to encounter new ideas.

The inspiration hall is not just a collection of informative stands.
It offers the opportunity to engage in new concepts.

The Inspiration Hall doesn’t follow a script.
It is meant for the adventurous, the curious and the rebels,
Seeking new skills and surprising practices.

It is a ship sailing for new shores in search of the one thing:
A new and better version of you

For PMI Belgium, the concept of the Inspiration Hall is key to its identity. The members of PMI Belgium and the attendees of the PM Fair are very much 21st century minded professionals, where critical thinking, creativity and collaboration are important values. Therefore, to cater for these adventurous, curious and even rebellious attendees of the PM Fair, we have a place for them where they can make their own way through all the content available. Every visitor of the Inspiration Hall will travel an individual journey collecting the specific value they are looking for.

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If you wish to take advantage of this unique opportunity or need further information, please contact sponsorship@pmi-belgium.be. We look forward to seeing you among our PM Fair 2019 sponsors!


Organizing the PMI Belgium National Congress is challenging without sponsors. This event is made possible by the sponsorship of the following organizations:


Organization Team

The organization of the PM Fair is a huge project with varied tasks that requires many skilled hands from start to finish, in order to deliver a high class congress. This important annual event is realized with the help of a dedicated team of volunteers. We are looking for more volunteers to join our passionate PM Fair 2019 team.

Volunteering with PMI can provide you with opportunities that enable you to share your knowledge and experience with other professionals. It will give you a global perspective of how project managers work in various industries. It will also help you to further strengthen your project management skills.

If you wish to join our enthusiastic team, please contact info@pmfair.org.

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